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2014 31/Jan

What Technology Issues Made the 2014 State of the Union?

Tuesday night, President Obama delivered the 2014 State of the Union address, a speech anticipated to be a call against inequality in America. Today, that increasingly means giving students and communities across America access to the technological resources they need to keep pace in our fast-advancing society.

Privacy is another emerging issue in the 21st century with news coming out this week that NSA surveillance also includes harvesting sensitive user information from mobile applications such as Angry Birds and Google Maps.

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2013 14/Apr
Hinge Application Dating Mcleod9 Google Play

Graduating from Harvard Business School in 2011, Hinge Co-founder and CEO Justin McLeod was invited to attend a “last chance dance” function hosted by the school. Everyone was supposed to write down who they were interested in and the organizers would let students know of any matches. The logistics, however, were too much, even for Harvard, and the plan to connect matches fell through.

This idea of connecting matches would lead to an idea for McLeod and eventually an entrepreneurial endeavor to create an application that would transform the way people look at and interact in online dating – Hinge.

Download Hinge for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in iTunes App Store

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2013 24/Mar

Moving Pictures Don’t Need Magic

Sirius Black GIF Harry Potter Newspaper

I’m Sirius about the future of GIFs.

Everybody knows the pictures in Harry Potter that move within the frame. We’ve thought to ourselves, how cool would that be if those of us muggles could having moving pictures of our friends and family and in our newspapers and magazines.

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was introduced over two decades ago,  in 1987, and allows us to have a little bit of the magic that Harry and his friends experience in their daily lives.

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On Tueday, Google announced  a new search filter making it easier to search for only animated and/or transparent images. In other words, GIFs are here to stay – and why wouldn’t they be with their hilarious animation?

Classic dancing banana GIF

Classic dancing banana GIF Courtesy:

So how can you make a GIF? Here are a few of the best and easiest ways:

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