2013 / 31 March

Make Any Webpage A PDF

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This weekend, my roommate had so many tabs open in his browser his computer nearly came to a halt.

We all seem to have a bunch of different tabs with different stories, videos, social media, and even homework open all at once. There is no need to have a bunch of articles or other webpages to be taking up tabs when you can save them for later as PDFs or for offline viewing in programs like Evernote.

PDFs are great because they can look clean and professional, are easy to read with no distracting ads, and can be read offline.

A super simple option to make a webpage into a PDF is to select “Save as PDF” under printer destinations as shown below.

(To access printing options while on any page for Windows you can use Ctrl + P)

Make Webpage a PDF in print options

We can take this simple method one step further though!

Let’s tidy up the webpage we want to turn into a great looking document. This is an incredibly simple process with plugins and extensions available for all the major web browsers to help us do the job quickly.

Make a Clean PDF Document From a Webpage

Google Chrome and Firefox

Evernote Clearly Logo

Courtesy: Evernote

Clearly from Evernote is the best friend of avid web readers and all who have ever wanted to save an article or page on the web for later viewing or easily printable format.The application makes articles, webpages, and blog posts (like this one, hint hint) “clean and easy to read” according to their site.

I use Clearly all the time to send article I want to read later to Evernote so I can access them offline on my phone or desktop.

There is also a print option on the right sidebar when in the application. This allows users to make a cleaned page into a beautifully formatted PDF document.

CNN GIF article

Why the GIF article I wrote became even more pertinent – but I don’t have time to read it right now and the webpage is very distracting.

Clearly Article CNN GIFs

No worries, I now have a cleanly formatted page to turn into a PDF or take with me in Evernote.

Download the Clearly plugin for Google Chrome here.

Download the Clearly addon for Firefox here.


So, I lied, in Safari apparently you can only save clean pages as .XPS files – not as cool, clean, or convenient.

BUT you still can save pages for clean offline viewing using the native “reader” tool in the browser.

AND you can still make that file a PDF or Word document:

Safari Reader Save Print as .xls .pdf xls pdf
Here is the process to save as an .XPS document
  1. Click reader in the address bar.
  2. Select the print icon in the reader.
  3. Select Microsoft XPS Document Writer from devices.

See how to import it into Microsoft Word here. I will explain how to save it as a PDF from word later – or you can use this online program to do the conversion for you.

Internet Explorer

If you are still using Internet Explorer and don’t want to make use of the two free downloads of Google Chrome or Firefox I have linked to above you are probably not reading this article, but just in case I’ve got you covered.

Read on Web can be downloaded for easy offline reading for Internet Explorer. Below are its listed functions:

CleanPage Read on Web

Bottom line – I highly suggest using or downloading Google Chrome or Firefox and using the first method, but it is always possible to save a webpage for later reading.

Lastly: A Two Second Tutorial on How to Make a Word Document a PDF File

Did you know you can simply go

  1. File –
  2. Save As –
  3. Save as type: –
  4. PDF

Now you know.

Was this article helpful? What other tutorials and “did you knows” would you like to see? Let me know in the comments.

If you celebrate Easter you can also think of this as my Easter present to you!

  • Merideth Tumasz / March 31, 2013 AT 4:34 PM

    As I started to read this post, I was like, this is silly, Safari already has this option. But I forgot about the PC users… It’s really helpful that you posted several different web browsing options. This info will be especially helpful when you are someplace with less than reliable wifi (cough cough GW)

    An idea for a future tutorial could be the ins and outs of Linked In. It’s something that everyone has heard of, but not a lot of people actually understand it. Just a suggestion!

  • This is really helpful. I have problems with the pdf format, but we have to use it sometimes and I definitely will keep this in mind next time I want to make a pdf. Also, I’ve never used Evernote, but might have to check it out.

  • Who still uses Internet Explorer? hahaha. Good tutorial John, id like to see some higher level tutorials, like tying a tie, or making a cake! (kidding)



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