2013 14/Apr
Hinge Application Dating Mcleod9 Google Play

Graduating from Harvard Business School in 2011, Hinge Co-founder and CEO Justin McLeod was invited to attend a “last chance dance” function hosted by the school. Everyone was supposed to write down who they were interested in and the organizers would let students know of any matches. The logistics, however, were too much, even for Harvard, and the plan to connect matches fell through.

This idea of connecting matches would lead to an idea for McLeod and eventually an entrepreneurial endeavor to create an application that would transform the way people look at and interact in online dating – Hinge.

Download Hinge for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in iTunes App Store

Download Hinge for Android in Google Play Store

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2013 31/Mar
PDF .pdf create

Adobe PDF Symbol

This weekend, my roommate had so many tabs open in his browser his computer nearly came to a halt.

We all seem to have a bunch of different tabs with different stories, videos, social media, and even homework open all at once. There is no need to have a bunch of articles or other webpages to be taking up tabs when you can save them for later as PDFs or for offline viewing in programs like Evernote.

PDFs are great because they can look clean and professional, are easy to read with no distracting ads, and can be read offline.

A super simple option to make a webpage into a PDF is to select “Save as PDF” under printer destinations as shown below.

(To access printing options while on any page for Windows you can use Ctrl + P)

Make Webpage a PDF in print options

We can take this simple method one step further though!

Let’s tidy up the webpage we want to turn into a great looking document. This is an incredibly simple process with plugins and extensions available for all the major web browsers to help us do the job quickly.

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2013 17/Feb

College students across America watched with hopes of better higher education policies and economic boosts as President Obama addressed the nation in his first State of the Union since reelection on Tuesday.

His report card? Somewhere in the B range.

With 46 members of the U.S. Congress still carrying student loan debt and an economy with more recent grads looking for work than jobs exist, this is the time for a strong stand from President Obama and Congress against the ever-increasing price of college tuition and need for financial aid. Keep Reading

2013 10/Feb
Heart Keyboard

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is sure to be in the air this week – literally. Lovers everywhere will be taking to social media with flirtations, texting (and sexting), sending e-cards, streaming romance films, and flower shopping online.

Wondering how much is too much technology in the modern dating scene?

Luckily I’ve got it all laid out for you: Keep Reading

2013 3/Feb
Newtown Sandy Hook President Obama Speech Picture

After the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, a shocked and morose nation knew it must turn its attention to the gun control debate. The problem is that both sides have to put down their arms and be ready to put more options out on the table. There are too many small problems with large consequences when it comes to gun laws and enforcement. Keep Reading

2013 27/Jan

ImageVine, a video-sharing application that Twitter recently acquired, was launched on Apple iTunes this past Thursday bringing the potential creativity of six-second videos to Twitter streams everywhere.

Well, almost everywhere.The app is available for free on iOS only; another disappointment for Android users who once again have to play the waiting game for a highly anticipated new app.

Luckily for me, I was still able to download Vine to my iPod Touch for a test run at the George Washington University’s Kogan Plaza. Here is my take: Keep Reading

2013 22/Jan
Capitol Building Picture Obama Presidential Inauguration 2013

The alarms went off at 5 a.m. yesterday, before the sun had even thought about rising. My friends and I took our coffee black and embarked from The George Washington University Foggy Bottom campus, south towards the nearest mall entrance at 12th and Constitution. As we neared the intersection of 19th and Pennsylvania we witnessed […]

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